2 Pack: Stainless Steel Infinity Knife

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You are in charge of cutting the stately roast beef at the family dinner. You pick up the carving knife with grace and start with the first slice. That grace soon turns into frustration and then into downright aggression as you realize this knife couldn't cut through a pat of butter. Time to pick yourself up this Infinity Knife, with its strategically placed holes that makes for 60% less surface area, so food doesn't stick and a supremely sharp edge that will slice through anything in your kitchen and retain its sharpness for years. Now you can chop veggies, slice baguettes, and carve up your favorite cut of meat with ease and precision. This versatile kitchen knife is designed to do it all and make all of your other kitchen cutting utensils jealous!  


  • Now cutting and slicing any food is easier and cleaner than ever
  • Lightweight and effortless to use
  • Vented blade prevents food from sticking
  • Cutting edge design provides less friction
  • Blade is made of laser cut stainless steel measuring 6”
  • Smooth razor sharp edge delivers perfect, smooth clean cuts every time
  • Ergonomic handle for precise handling and comfort
  • Carves, fillets, slices and chops with ease