8-Pack Magic Hanger - Triples Closet Space!

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It's time to maximize your closet or wardrobe space. The Wonder Hanger holds up to 5 garments on each rung, making organizing your closet easier than ever before, and with 8 of them you can organize your personal garments in full and have one or more for the foyer closet as well. It's definitely time to bid farewell to the days of cramped closet space and wrinkled clothing! Make your life smoother and more efficient, one garment at a time.


  • Made of polypropylene & polystyrene
  • Space-saving hangers accommodate clothing both horizontally & vertically
  • Each holds 5 pieces of clothing in the space where a single piece was hung before
  • Increases closet space by better utilizing it
  • Helps keep clothes clean and wrinkle-free
  • Eliminates the need to buy expensive closet systems
  • Great for hanging shirts, skirts, or pants
  • Durable construction
  • Kit comes with 8 Magic Hangers, and 16 round hooks