Hands-Free Tidy Toothpaste Dispenser

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This clever dispenser makes getting toothpaste out for brushing your teeth much easier, thanks to this device's genius hands-free design. Simply place the tube inside, place the cover on, and use the head of your toothbrush to push in the lever--the perfect amount of toothpaste is delivered every time! Best of all, the innovative technology ensures that every last drop of toothpaste is used, so you actually end up saving money!


• Easy, hands-free toothpaste dispenser

• Encourages kids to brush their teeth

• Dispenses exact amount required every time you need

• No waste or messy sinks

• No need to handle irritating tubes

• Easy to install suction cups

• No batteries required

• Works for every brand of toothpaste

• Uses even the last drop

• Saves money and space

• Instructions included

• Remove the cap of your toothpaste, push the tube into unit and slide the cover back

• Hold your toothbrush horizontally, placing its head against the lever provided at the bottom of dispenser and push firmly

• Measures approximately 10” H

• Featuring Vacuum Force Technology that cleanly squeezes every available drop of toothpaste